Matthew 5:1-2. The ministry of Jesus was only three years, but in those three years He set a course that would change the history of the world. So how did He do it? When Jesus began His earthly ministry, He starts talking about a kingdom, a kingdom that is coming. He invites people to be a part of this kingdom. That’s political language, but Jesus rejected politics. Politics then and now is all about power and position. The crowds expected Jesus to take a political path to usher in His kingdom but Jesus’ response was, “I’ve come, not to be served but to serve.” Jesus says here’s my political platform…We’re going to love people. Jesus understood that the solution to our problems was not political but spiritual. In this sermon Pastor Barry shares practical ways we, as Christian citizens can bring hope and change to our world by following Jesus’ example.


We inherently feel the call to live for something bigger than ourselves, to become people who impact the world in a positive way. But many of us lack the faith to respond to that call. God is still using ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him! In this sermon series drawing on the lives and faith experiences of ordinary people, Pastor Barry will encourage, inspire, and help us examine our lives and take practical, real-world steps to deepen our own faith and trust in God.