Guest Speaker Dennis Gaddis.

I Chronicles 28:9-10. God has something for us to do and in this sermon Dennis will share four things that will help us do it and do it well. 1. Get to know God for ourselves. 2. Do it with a blameless heart & willing mind. 3. Understand that God knows the faithful servant. 4. Be in agreement. It is an honor when God chooses us, and when He does we have the promise that if we seek Him, and make Him our desire He will be found of thee.

ABOUT DENNIS: Dennis Lee Gaddis is a native of Childersburg, Alabama. After graduating from high school, he entered the US Air Force serving honorably in a distinguished career until retiring in 2003. Dennis is a member of Trinity Missionary Baptist Church where he was licensed to preach and has served in various capacities including Pastor Assistant Minister. He is employed as a National Security Clearance Background Investigator. Mr. Gaddis has an Associate’s Degree is Supervisory Leadership from Hawaii Pacific University; a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Wayland Baptist University; and a Master’s in Christian Ministry also from Wayland Baptist University.