Joy No Matter What: Happy Is as Happy Does (2)


Philippians 3:1-21. This sermon is a continuation of the last sermon in the series in which Pastor Barry shared 3 of 5 habits we can develop in just a few minutes each day that will lead to greater happiness. In this sermon he shares the fourth habit which is to take a little personal inventory of your life each day, a daily spiritual check up to see where you need to grow.  This requires humility, but humility leads to happiness because it makes you teachable. And lastly, each day focus on what can be changed and forget what can’t. Happiness involves learning to forget some things. Since you only have a limited supply of energy don’t waste it on the past.

Sunday Bulletin

Sermon Notes: 


Philippians is the most joyful book in the Bible. it is literally full of joy. The words joy, glad, enjoy, rejoice, happy & happiness are used in various forms seventeen times, and there are only four chapters!  It’s the happiest book in the Bible. What’s amazing about the happiest book of the Bible is that it was written by Paul while he was in prison in Rome which goes to show you can experience JOY NO MATTER WHAT!