Proverbs 6:16-19. We know God is interested in purity.  He is concerned with holiness. We are to live pure, holy lives.  Often when the discussion turns to holiness we talk about external things to prove how pure we are.  Those external things are, quite often, insignificant because God is more concerned about internal things…what’s inside. There are three ways purity is manifested in our lives…Positional Purity (what I know), Practical Purity (what I do) and Personal Purity (who I am). Of the three, God is most interested in the Personal Purity.  You can know-right, and do-right and still not be-right. When you get squeezed, (pressure is applied) whatever comes out is what’s on the inside…It’s 100% pure for better or worst. It reveals the real you. The last time you got squeezed what came out? Circumstances & problems don’t make you what you are they reveal who you are.