Luke 15:1-32; Luke 19:10. Jesus cares about lost people. He desires that the lost be saved. In today’s sermon Pastor Barry shares some important things God wants us to know about lost people: 1. Jesus initiates the search. 2. Lost people are a top priority. 3. The “lost” being found is cause for celebration. 4. Jesus cares about quantity, and 5. God’s love is patient but expectant.

Sunday Bulletin

Sermon Notes: 


Why do we exist as a Church? It is important that we, as members of FBCH have a common understanding to this question. That answer provides the foundation, motivation and direction for everything we do. It’s our “true north”. Vibrant healthy churches have a clear identity. In this series, “Our Core Values”, Pastor Barry will be sharing what we are all about as a Church… what we value most…what we believe is most important.