01/04/2015 – 01/11/2015 all-day
Kitchen, Fellowship Hall, Rooms 103, 202 & 203
Sharon Dumas

First Baptist Church of Honolulu is one of several churches that provides food and shelter for one week, 3 – 4 times a year for the homeless families enrolled in Family Promise. It is the mission of Family Promise to mobilize existing community resources to aid families with children experiencing homelessness and help them transition to sustainable independence. This they seek to do by  creating a compassionate, enabling environment that maintains the dignity and privacy of each individual family.  Each family is given its own private space at night. A communal lounge area is provided so that families can socialize and relax. Caring volunteers from FBCH prepare meals and offer assistance with homework and mentoring for parents and children.

While in the program, guests work with a case manager who assists in the search for more permanent housing. Each family has a Case Plan and Goals which are reviewed weekly. Life skills training, money management, vocational and parenting classes are offered. Participation in the program gives guests the opportunity to regain control of their lives and provide stability for their children. While seeking housing and improved employment, guests can better manage their resources and reenergize their spirits. First Baptist Church of Honolulu and Family Promise partner together to help families rebuild their lives to discover a productive future.