“Chosen Garment” turns Scripture into a breathtaking epic about the lengths to which God has gone to choose us as His own, highlighted by the garments of the patriarch, prophet and king. It comes to a climax in the Chosen Garment of Christ laid on our shoulders. In this dramatic live presentation Steven takes people on a whirlwind tour through the Bible that’s both humorous and deeply moving.

20110820_000328bio3About Stephen Mosley

Steven Mosley brings a rich and varied background as a Christian speaker to all his presentations—-growing up in Latin America, being discipled by Campus Crusade for Christ, making films in Japan, producing drama segments for scores of television shows, speaking at churches and conferences all across America.

These experiences have shaped Steven Mosley as a Christian speaker, and also as a Christian writer and producer.

What People are Saying About Chosen Garment

“Folks are still talking about how much your presentation meant to them, and how ALIVE it made the Bible for them. Thank you!”
Joanne Brumm, Minister of Music
Immanuel United Methodist Church, Lakeside Park, KY

“ I recommend Steven for any congregation looking for a great way to present the gospel in a dramatic way.”
Dr. Phil Walker, Senior Pastor
Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Madison, MS

“It was our privilege to have Steven Mosley present ‘Chosen Garments’ in a Chapel service at the Assemblies of God national office in Springfield, Missouri. Steven’s presentation was creative, engaging and delivered with a wonderful spirit. People responded very warmly, touched again by God’s redemptive story.”
Dr. James Bradford, General Secretary
General Council of the Assemblies of God, Springfield, MO

20091011_135743chosen-garment-church-presentation“Delightful. Funny. Deep. Chosen Garment had something to communicate to every age and people group in our diverse congregation.”
Frank Riley, Senior Pastor
River47 Evangelical Covenant Church, Orange, CA

To view a video clip [CLICK HERE]