Plans For Christmas Musical Announced

Orchestra Secured

Chancel Choir Director Roy Yanagida announced today that 5 musicians have been secured for a “mini orchestra” to accompany the Chancel Choir when they present their Christmas musical Sunday, December 14th at our 10 a.m. worship service.


The orchestra will consist of:

  • 2 violins
  • 2 flutes
  • 1 oboe
  • 1 french horn
  • 1 harp

Bethlehem’s Child

This year’s musical is “Bethlehem’s Child” by Victor C. Johnson and Lloyd Larson.   This Cantata is an effort to take the familiar elements of the Christmas story and present them in a fresh context. We hope you will be inspired as you experience new music and fresh insights of understanding as you experience a musical tapestry which blends the old with the new.

A Highlight of the Concert…

…will be LeRoy Anderson’s “A Christmas Festival” featuring the orchestra.