A Gifted Violinist

If you’ve been attending First Baptist for very long you’ve been blessed by the violin music of Duane White. Whether he’s playing in an ensemble with Roy and Jody, or piano accompaniment with Carolyn, God uses Duane to enrich our worship experience.  Duane has played in the Honolulu/Hawaii Symphony for 44 years.

Did You Know?001

Duane is multi-talented. He’s a reliable handyman, a choir member with a strong, beautiful baritone voice, and a clever joke teller. Duane White is a Seattle native who left the rainy Northwest for sunny Hawaii, in 1970. While playing in the orchestra, he has substituted in Hawaii schools teaching Latin, math, and music.  In 1976-77, while on sabbatical, he played in German city orchestras.

A True Servant

Duane often tackles repair jobs around church, having “understudied” Carl Oney. He also serves food and washes dishes at our Wednesday night Dinners and Bible Study.  Thanks Duane for blessing your Church family in so many ways!