Europe 11

Jazzy Performing in Europe

Pictured Above: Jazzy performing on one of her recent tours

We all miss Jazzy when she is not present for worship on Sunday Mornings. What you may not know is “why”. When Jazzy is not teaching guitar at U.H., giving private guitar lessons, practicing with our FBCH Praise Band, or leading worship on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Church she quite likely is playing her guitar somewhere on one of the other islands or performing for audiences all over the world.

We at First Baptist Church are so blessed to have someone of Jazzy’s musical talent to lead us in worship most Sundays throughout the year. But even more important and the greater blessing is the joy and excitement that exudes from Jazzy’s faith and love for the Lord. Pastor Barry says, “Jazzy sings for an audience of one. It makes no difference who is there, or how many show up for worship, or how responsive they are or aren’t. Jazzy is always up because she’s singing to the Lord.”

After one of her recent trips Jazzy shared, “I am so blessed and happy to perform around the world but I am even more blessed that I get to come home to Hawaii to an amazing church family!”