IMAG1191July 24, 1990 – June 11, 2014

His life revealed the innocence and pure joy of God’s everlasting love.  He is forever a song in our hearts.

Elston was a faithful member of First Baptist Church of Honolulu where he was baptized, having accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior at a young age.  He faithfully attended Sunday School, Youth Group Meetings and Worship Services for much of his short life. He sang in the choir and was also part of the worship team. Elston loved to surf and he loved music; he played piano, guitar and especially loved to sing.  He also composed music, occasionally sharing his songs with the congregation. He attended Roosevelt and St. Louis High Schools where He played football.


IMG_20150810_072617 2I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was just six years old. It was around this time that I first really began to feel Jesus’ presence in Sunday School and the Worship Service. First Baptist Church of Honolulu had many wonderful people, many of them I still see every Sunday.

I sometimes go to church on Wednesdays too. They serve dinner and I socialize with many of the high school students.  In Sunday School, I would always see a picture of Jesus knocking on a door. (Editor’s Note: That picture is still displayed at First Baptist Church in room 201.) I always wondered, “Whose door is Jesus knocking on?” I now realize it represents Jesus knocking on the door of each of our hearts.



My mother [Sonnie Kerr] has always been a Christian and a good role model for me. It was important to her that I go to church and learn about Jesus. I’m not sure whether or not I had a choice, but I thought she is supposed to know what is best for me.

One Sunday I decided to ask my Sunday School teacher (I was too young to remember her name but I praise God for her!) about that gigantic picture of Jesus knocking on the door.  She told me it was Jesus knocking on the door of my heart. She said that Jesus wants to come into our lives but we have to open the door and invite him in. She asked me if I wanted to do that, and I said yes.

My Sunday School teacher invited me to pray by putting my hands together and repeating after her…”Dear Jesus, I have made a commitment to have you as my only Lord and Savior. I truly love you as my Heavenly Father and accept you into my life.”  There it was! I said it and meant it. I really understood a lot better what it meant to be a Christian.  [The preceding is from an article, entitled “How I Became a Christian”, published in our Church Newsletter, written by Elston when he was in High School.]

10402869_10204081409182189_650103665565750383_n 2At age 19 Elston was diagnosed with mental illness and in the subsequent years was in and out of hospitals. He heard voices that told him to jump from a building but in the end it was a jump from a freeway over-pass that ended his life. He was 23 years old.


“A Life Well-Loved!” – Crystal Lancaster

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