1Yr_Home_Pastor“Therefore, I say to you, be not anxious for your life.” Matthew 6:25. Life’s many duties can become an unbearable burden.  They sometimes get all grouped together and create within us a feeling of being completely overwhelmed.  When this happens to the child of God, he must take two steps to ease the pressure. First, he must put the big responsibility for his life into the Lord’s hands; and second, he must get to work on the tasks immediately before him. In Matthew chapter six, Jesus had been speaking of the anxiety that so easily builds up in our hearts from life’s many responsibilities.  He was not discounting the need to concern ourselves with food, clothing, and shelter, and to plan ahead.  Rather, He was saying in effect, “Keep God at the center of life and He’ll take care of the big picture. You attend to your immediate duties.”  You don’t have to fight tomorrow’s battle today.