1Yr_Home_Pastor“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15. Dollars given in support of the missionary outreach of the church are dollars well spent.  They do more to stem the self-destructive tide of the world than the billions budgeted for foreign aid and the military. Several years ago, a study commissioned by a large protestant denomination estimated that it took $50,000 to kill a single person by means of modern warfare.  To convert that same person cost about $1,000.  No doubt inflation has impacted these figures drastically, but I’m sure that killing is still more expensive than converting.  We have little control over the vast sums given to other countries by our government, or the huge amounts spent on bombs and the military. But we can support missionaries. Their fruitfulness is unquestioned because God is committed to their success.  When we say, “Go into all the world” to our missionaries, we must be willing to say the same to our dollars.