1Yr_Home_Pastor“You enlarged me when I was in distress.” Psalm 4:1. The Lord often allows His children to undergo extreme difficulties so that they will realize how much they need Him. When they call upon Him in their distress, He comes to their aid with His help and blessing.  Then, comforted and strengthened by His love, they emerge from their trials spiritually enlarged having a new appreciation for God’s wisdom and grace. When adversity comes, do not  be rebellious.  Self-pity, murmuring, and bitterness will stunt you spiritually and render you ineffective in your service for the Savior.  On the other hand, praise, joyous submission, and a vibrant faith in His loving purposes will stimulate your growth in grace.  If you let the Lord enlarge you through distress, burdens will become blessing and trials will become triumphs.  God afflicts, not to break us but to broaden us.