1Yr_Home_Pastor“…be sure your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32:23. Our first parents Adam and Eve lived in perfect fellowship with the Lord until they yielded to Satan’s voice and disobeyed God.  They attempted to conceal themselves among the trees of the garden and to cover up their nakedness by making garments of fig leaves.  But their weak efforts to escape detection proved inadequate.  In fear and shame they were forced to face their Maker and receive the punishment they deserved.  Their sin had found them out! People still think they can hide from the all-seeing eye of God and escape the consequences of their unholy thoughts and deeds.  But the Bible tell us that there is nothing secret that shall not be made known (Luke 12:2-3). Inevitable judgment awaits all who persist in their evil ways.  Sin always sounds an alarm in the ears of God. He notes every disobedient thought, word, and deed.