1Yr_Home_Pastor“The Lord is on my side; I will not fear.  What can man do to me?” Psalm 118:6. Nehemiah was a man of great courage.  He served as governor of the Jews who returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls of the city.  Although his efforts were bitterly opposed by the people who lived in the surrounding area, nothing deterred him. He wisely rejected invitations from his enemies to meet with them, because he knew they were secretly planning to do him harm. Later, when they sent out an open letter which said he was trying to become a king and lead a revolution against Persia, he refused to panic.  Then a man who posed as a prophet of God urged him to flee into the sanctuary of the temple, but Nehemiah flatly rejected the idea.  He would not invade the area God had reserved for the priests just to save his own skin.  He would not be a coward.  This example of courage ought to strike a responsive chord in the heart of every Christian.  Truth and right are always worth suffering for, yes, even dying for.  Though our hearts may sometimes be filled with fear, we should determine not to be a compromiser.  It is better to die with a conviction than to live with a compromise.