1Yr_Home_Pastor“For all things come of Thee, and of Thine own have we given Thee.”  I Chronicles 29:14. When King David exhorted the people to give willingly for the building of the temple they responded with joyful hearts.  Though their offerings of gold and silver went into the structure itself, these gifts were actually being presented to God. I’m sure our motives would be greatly refined if each time we contributed to the church or Christian work we would remind ourselves that we are giving to God just as surely as if He were visibly present to receive it.  If the particular cause we support is truly His business, our heart attitude would be one of joy because we are honoring Him. As we receive the abundance which comes from His gracious hand, we have the priceless privilege of returning a part of it in praise to Him.  Whether your money goes to a missionary, helps construct a building, or supports a Christian ministry, it should always be given with one thought in mind: This is for the Lord!