1Yr_Home_Pastor“Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his? Numbers 23:10. God cannot give us what we ask if our request runs contrary to His character.  He is perfect in purity and holiness, and therefore He cannot make true what is false, nor make right what is wrong.  Balaam asked the Lord to let him die like righteous people and go to the same place they go.  But the prophet remained unrepentant, and to grant his request would have violated God’s integrity.  It would like answering the prayer of someone who asks for success in a dishonest business deal.  God never violates His holy character in answering our prayers.  Omnipotence does not include the power to do wrong. Therefore, let’s come to Him with pure motives and an earnest desire to obey Him.  This will keep us from making requests that He cannot answer.