1Yr_Home_Pastor“Then Philip opened his mouth, and began at the same Scripture, and preached unto him Jesus.” Acts 8:35.  Our Lord commanded His followers to “preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15).  They were not told to argue or impress their hearers with their words. They were to tell the good news that Christ died for the sins of the world and rose again.  That’s still the task of every believer today.  You don’t need a pulpit or a large congregation.  In Acts 8, Philip told just one person about Christ while he was riding with him in a chariot.  The Bible says that he “preached unto him Jesus” So don’t’ leave the proclamation of God’s Word only to clergy.  Your assignment is to tell lost sinners as clearly as you can that Christ died for their sins and rose again for their justification.  We must go to the sinner if we expect him to come to the savior.