1Yr_Home_Pastor“Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop…” Matthew 13:8. Every gardener knows that if he is faithful in doing his part, he can expect a harvest.  Patience is required but his efforts will eventually be rewarded.  She must cultivate the ground, making certain it is soft and as free from foreign substances as possible. Then she must plant the seed.  But germination and growth are in the hands of God.  The same principle applies in the spiritual realm.  As Christians, we have the responsibility of preparing the soil of human hearts and sowing the seed of the Gospel… but then it’s up to the Lord.  Don’t be discouraged if you fail to see immediate results from you witnessing.  Take a lesson from gardening.  Keep on cultivating the soil and sowing the seed, and there will be a harvest. Those who sow and intercede, God has promised will succeed!