1Yr_Home_Pastor“…stand firm. Let nothing move you.” I Corinthians 15:58. Suddenly experiencing the joy of knowing God is bound to result in some strained relationships with people you are close to. Whether you have just become a believer or have had a new experience with the Lord, you can expect ridicule and negative feelings from others. The biggest disappointment comes, however, when some of your Christian friends look with suspicion on the change in your life. Such resistance is an obstacle that any revived or newborn child of God is likely to face. So what do you do? According to the Scriptures, you gear up for a steady walk with the Lord, and Let “your good manner of life” speak for itself (I Peter 3:16). This will leave the greatest impact on others. Our experience with Christ is bound to have the greatest influence on others when it is marked by a steady, consistent walk with Him. It’s our continuing commitment to the Lord that people are most apt to take seriously, even if they don’t like it. He who conquers is he who endures.