1Yr_Home_Pastor“These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.” Matthew 15:8. Religious hypocrisy is fairly easy to spot in others, but hard to recognize in ourselves.  As a result, we tend to miss the real reason for our spiritual inconsistency. We settle instead for the idea that we are sincere but weak.  The Scriptures, however, are not as easy on us. They indicate that the problem is deeper. Merely regretting our sin on a regular basis and making new resolutions is not the solution.  God is not satisfied with our apologies, excuses, and promises. He wants an attitude of wholeheartedness that results in right action.  All of us know how worthless mere talk and good intentions can be.  Over and over we resolve to do things, but a few minor distractions are all it takes to reveal that we weren’t as serious about our duty as we thought.  I am so glad God is more patient with us than we are honest with Him. He graciously continues to call us anew to serve Him.