“So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.”   Romans 14:12

Nothing happens if someone doesn’t consider himself accountable.  Yet Christian organizations in general and local churches in particular often are at their weakest when it comes to holding their members accountable.  All of us, I’m sure, have observed that when there is a high commitment level within any group, either to the group or to the task that group is performing, the group appears to be more effective.

There can be a great deal of pleasure in being held accountable…. It is good to share our victories with others.  Yet at the same time most of us know the joy of anticipated success can turn to ashes in the day of failure.  Herein lies the tension:   success is only possible if the possibility of failure also exists.  We like to be held accountable, because we like to be recognized for what we do.  And yet we are afraid to be held accountable for the same reason.  Consequently many of us shun the responsibility of being involved by saying, “let someone else do it!”  Churches today are suffering greatly because of this kind of apathy.

If we expect to be a part of our society, we accept the accountability that society places upon us.  We are expected to do certain things correctly and according to schedule.  Taxes are due every April and traffic lights will turn red.  Likewise for the follower of Christ accountability must be assumed.  It is a given, not an option.  Jesus says, “Therefore is the Kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants.”  (Matthew 18:23)