1Yr-About-Ps-Barry-Pastor“You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people.” Leviticus 19:18. Harboring malice robs us of close relationships with others.  Jacob cheated his brother and stole his birthright.  Understandably, Esau was angry.  But what he did with his anger became a serious problem, not only for Jacob but for Esau himself.  He harbored a deep resentment for years that robbed him of a warm relationship with his only brother.  Instead of bearing a grudge, we must bare it before God in confession and ask for deliverance.  We must begin praying for the person toward whom we have negative feelings and, if possible, take practical steps to resolve our differences.  Resentment will fade when the object of our ill will becomes the special object of our good will.