“What’s that in your hand?”  Exodus 4:2.

We serve God by serving others.  In Jesus, God gave us a model for doing this.  So what does it take to serve like Jesus? You might be surprised by the simplicity of the first requirement…being available.

Most of us would naturally assume that it requires some special ability.  When God’s call to ministry comes to us our reaction may be like that of Moses.  We begin to make excuses regarding our sense of inadequacy and not being qualified, but like Moses we soon learn God is more interested in our availability than our ability. To demonstrate this our Lord often takes what the world considers worthless and uses it for His glory. (I Cor. 1:27)  This truth should bring encouragement to the humble believer who recognizes that even though he is weak, inadequate and unable, as long as she is available God can work through her to accomplish His purpose. Unfortunately the awareness of our inabilities and short-comings is one of the tools Satan uses to keep laborers out of the harvest fields.

As we yield ourselves and our possessions to God, whatever they may be, great things happen. Moses had a big stick and it became a wand of deliverance. David had a sling and God used it to slay a giant.  A little boy gave his lunch and Jesus used it to feed a multitude.  So what’s in YOUR hand? Whatever it is give it to Lord remembering all the while that God often uses the smallest of tools to perform the largest of tasks.  He is not nearly as interested in your ability is as He is your availability.