1Yr-About-Ps-Barry-Pastor“Whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” Matthew 16:25. When we look at the earthly life of Jesus, it may seem backward from what we would expect. As the King of glory, He came to earth as a vulnerable infant. As God in the flesh, He endured accusations of blasphemy. As the only sinless man, He was crucified as a criminal. But Jesus lived on earth according to God’s will (John 6:38). As followers of Christ, to clothe our selves with Jesus’ attitudes and actions may appear “backward.” Blessing our enemies, valuing godliness over wealth, and finding joy in hardship seem to oppose worldly wisdom. Don’t worry if living your life sometimes means operating in reverse. God will give you the strength to honor Him, and He will propel you forward. Clothing ourselves with Jesus’ attitudes and actions show His presence in our lives.