“But they all alike began to make excuses.” Luke 14:18

Have you noticed everyone is busy these days. Some are busy making money. Some are busy pursuing hobbies or other interests. Some are busy raising the kids. Some are even busy playing computer games.

I’ve noticed over the past few years that if you’re looking for a good excuse to get out of doing something, busyness is an excellent way out. Everyone can relate to it, and saying that you’re too busy makes it very difficult for people to pressure you, after all who are they to say that you’re not too busy?

In the parable of the Great Supper, the Lord describes those who were too busy to avail themselves of the rich provisions that were offered to them. You remember the story…one had just bought a field and needed to inspect it. Another had bought five yoke of oxen and needed to try them out. Still another couldn’t attend because he had just gotten married. Feeble excuses, you say? Sure they are; but, what about the modern day equivalents? “I just bought a new condo and all my weekends are taken up painting and redecorating, I couldn’t possibly help out with our children’s ministry.” “I just started a new job that requires a lot of extra paper work at home. I don’t have time to sing in the choir.” “Sunday is my only time to be with family, I just can’t come to Church.”

When a person says, “I’m too busy”, I can’t help but wonder if what they’re really saying is, “It’s just really not that important to me”. What are you busy doing? The answer to that question will reflect the real priorities of your life.