“In everything give thanks….” I Thessalonians 5:18

Declaring a national holiday and filling our tables with Thanksgiving “goodies” doesn’t necessarily mean that one is thankful. Attitudes of ungratefulness, criticism and greed are not easily concealed with holiday festivities or pious Thanksgiving prayers. But I have discovered that saying thank-you and really meaning it has a way of perpetuating an attitude of gratitude. The person being thanked becomes more appreciative and thankful too, what a paradox! Someone has said, “Nothing succeeds like success”. Likewise nothing helps one to be more appreciative than being more appreciated.

Having noticed a marked increase in our congregations attitude of gratitude causes me to want to join the ranks of those who are making it a point to say thank you by expressing my own gratitude and heartfelt thanks. Indeed, I am thankful to be part of a congregation that is thankful and shows it in so many ways. As I ponder my many blessing this Thanksgiving season, I feel compelled to take advantage of this opportunity to say thanks to you….

  •  thanks for your faithful attendance and giving.
  • thanks for the smiles, hugs, encouraging words, and unsolicited pats on the back that seem to come at just the right time.
  • thanks for rebounding in love when you’ve been disappointed or hurt by someone or something.
  • thanks for understanding when I didn’t always know or get there when you were having trouble or were in need. And most of all…thanks for the privilege of being your pastor.