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How to Make a Fresh Start


Isaiah 43:18-19.  Sometimes you give life your best shot but you still come up short.  It’s easy to focus on the failures of your past but God is far more interested in your future than He is your past.  In this sermon Pastor Barry shares practical Biblical ways to make a fresh start in the […]

Abraham (Part 2): I Surrender All


Hebrews 11: 8-9. Trust, Surrender, Obedience, whatever you call it, it is a critical step on the journey to true spirituality. We can never know God in the fullness of His power and love without taking risks with Him. Are you putting conditions on your obedience? Abraham’s success and confidence was in God’s promises and […]

Abraham (Part 1): Passing and Failing the Tests of Life


Genesis 12:1-3. Abraham’s life is a journey. Along the way God gives him some tests. He passes some, fails others, which reveals that our heroes of faith were not squeaky clean, they made mistakes. There were times when Abraham blew it. The same tests God gave Abraham he also gives us. Sometimes we blow it. […]

Introducing the God Pleasing Life: God’s Selfie


I John 3:1. True spirituality begins with an accurate picture of God. If you start with the wrong picture of God, you will never have the kind of relationship that God desires. God sent the apostle John a selfie. We see it in I John 3:1. In that picture we see God has a dream for […]

Christianity 101


I Peter 3:18. In this sermon the plan of Salvation will be clearly presented. It’s not complicated. Even a child can understand it. But understanding the central message of the Christian Faith is not enough.  You can understand it and still go to hell.  The Bible says you have to do something with the Christian […]