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What in the World is Going On?: When One Man Rules the World


Click here for part 2 of this sermon recording in a new tab/window. When One Man Rules the World. Daniel 7:25  The Bible predicts that in the last days worldwide chaos, instability and disorder will continue to increase. Jesus Himself said that there would be wars and rumors of wars, famine and earthquakes. When these things happen, […]

What in the World is Going On?: America’s Role in Bible Prophecy


America’s Role in Bible Prophecy: Genesis 12:3; Proverbs 14:34. Looking at it from our vantage point as Christians, it does seem that God has a plan for America, after all, why has God blessed this nation above all others?  Yet, when it comes to end-time prophecy there is nothing (at least specific) about the United […]

What in the World is Going On?: A Crude Awakening


A Crude Awakening: Luke 12:54-56. Jesus said we should discern our times. (Luke 12:54-56). If we are to discern our times, we are going to have to understand the role that oil plays. Who controls the world’s oil supply?  Who consumes the world’s oil supply? Oil is driving the driving force behind the emergence of prophetic alliances taking place […]