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Moses (Part 1)


Living a God Pleasing Life Sermon Series What makes God happy?  The Bible says that, “God rewards those who diligently seek him.” Hebrews 11:6. What does it mean to “diligently seek Him” and are there ways that we can do that, that are more effective than others? What many Christians sadly misunderstand is that God isn’t into […]

Building Great Relationships (6): Reducing Rivalry


In this sermon, Pastor Barry begins by pointing out the negative impact of envy and the two most common, ineffective ways people try to overcome it; but then quickly moves to sharing how it can be eliminated. The key is in changing your perspective. Specifically, there are five steps that will transform the way you […]

Gratitude: A Great Attitude


Psalm 116. Rebellion and arrogance come from an ungrateful spirit.  Gratitude must be cultivated in our lives. It is the foundation on which to build a healthy and wholesome life. In this series, The Days Psalms of our Lives, Pastor Barry explains the text of six Psalms with clarity and passion revealing their timeless wisdom for […]