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Keys to Persistent Faith: Speaking Faith-Full Words


James 3:4.  Our words have tremendous impact upon our own destinies.  Our words are vital in bringing our dreams to pass.   It’s not enough to simply see it by faith or in your imagination, you must begin speaking words of faith over your dream.  We can’t speak words of defeat and failure and expect […]

Keys to Persistent Faith: Understanding How God Uses Disappointments


Galatians 6:9. When we stop dreaming something within us dies, that’s why it’s so important to keep the faith. Don’t give up on your marriage! Don’t give up on your….job, kids, church, Lord. Dare to keep believing. One of the keys to persistent faith is in understanding there are specific, observable patterns in the way God […]

Why God Sometimes Seems Far Away


1/24/10. (Video version is edited for the “O’ Worship the King” broadcast) Jeremiah 29:13. It’s ironic that we should have difficulty finding God because the essence of the gospel is God’s search for us. In this sermon Pastor Barry shares some possible reasons God may sometimes seem far away. [Special Music at the end by […]