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Building Great Relationships (2): The Power of Patience


I Corinthians 13:4. The first building block is patience.  If you’re going to relate to people and build good relationships the first thing you’re going to need is patience. So why is patience so vital?  Of all the things God could have started with why patience? Two reasons. Because everybody’s different and because our differences […]

The Keys to Persistent Faith: Learning to Wait Upon the Lord


Psalm 27:14. To handle the difficult and discouraging times in your life you need to understand how God works (we talked about this last week) but then you need to learn to wait on God. But “waiting” is not passive. Waiting on the Lord is not just sitting by idly twiddling your thumbs. There are […]

Philippians (3): Keys to Joy-Full Relationships


10-04-15. Philippians 1:1-11. If you want to be happy Philippians is a good place to start. Paul talks a lot about relationships. That’s important because it is impossible to be happy while your relationships are unhappy. If your relationships are unhappy, your life is going to be unhappy. The first eleven verses of Philippians are about […]