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HEROES: Elijah


I Kings18:24. The prophet Elijah was sent with a warning about idolatry to King Ahab. The first two of the Ten Commandments deal with idolatry. There are more than a thousand verses that speak to it. It’s one of only four commandments that has the death penalty attached to it. So, it’s obvious God takes […]

“HEROES”; Ezra


Ezra 3:1-3. In 538 BC, when fifty thousand Jews, prompted by God and freed by King Cyrus, make the 900-mile journey from Babylon back to Jerusalem the first thing they do is to get to work rebuilding the temple. At first, they are zealous and excited. But after a while, they lost their motivation. They […]

Caution! Your Job Can Destroy You


James 4:13-17. The most important thing in the world is not things or money or jobs, it’s relationships – our relationship with the Lord first and then our relationships with family and friends. Unfortunately our decisions related to jobs don’t always reflect these priorities. James has apparently been listening in on a strategic planning session and […]

Living Life to the Fullest


John 10:10b.  As a pastor for 40 years I have had the privilege to minister to many people in the last days of their lives. I’ve noticed some common characteristics. When they knew they only had a few months or weeks to live they had an amazing clarity about how they would spend their time. […]

Words of Wisdom for our Graduates


5/30/10. (Video version is edited for the “O Worship the King” Broadcast) Luke 12:13-34. Jesus warns against covetousness. For every verse in the Bible that tells us the benefits of wealth, there are ten that tell us of the danger of wealth, and the danger is this, money has a way of binding us to what is physical […]



9/13/09. (Video version is edited for Words of Life broadcast) “I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.”   Psalm 119: 60   One of the most effective tools in Satan’s arsenal is procrastination… getting us to put off till tomorrow what we know we should do today. The problem with procrastination is there is […]