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“Living a God Pleasing Life” Sermon Series July 9th – October 29th

Living a God Pleasing Life:  What makes God happy?  The Bible says that, “God rewards those who diligently seek him.” Hebrews 11:6. What does it mean to “diligently seek Him” and are there ways that we can do that, that are more effective than others? What many Christians sadly misunderstand is that God isn’t into religious activities or performance-based Christianity. O.K., so what then does God really want from us? In this sermon series Pastor Barry will answer that question by looking at Biblical Characters whose lives were pleasing to God.

BAPTISM DEAN2_1517/9 Introducing the God Pleasing Life: God’s Selfie. I John 3:1. True spirituality begins with an accurate picture of God. If you start with the wrong picture of God, you will never have the kind of relationship that God desires. God sent the apostle John a selfie. We see it in I John 3:1. In that picture we see God has a dream for your life, and because of that, you have incredible power to influence God’s emotions. You can grieve your Heavenly Father or you can bring Him great joy.  God wants to have a relationship with you, and that relationship comes through our relationship with Christ. So with God it’s not what you do, it’s who you are, and who you are is a child of the King. When we live like it, God is happy.

7/16 Abraham (Part 1): Passing and Failing the Tests of Life. Genesis 12:1-3. Abraham’s life is a journey. Along the way God gives him some tests. He passes some, fails others, which reveals that our heroes of faith were not squeaky clean, they made mistakes. There were times when Abraham blew it. The same tests God gave Abraham he also gives us. Sometimes we blow it. Why are we so surprised by that? We make some good choices and we make some bad choices. God understands we’re human…dust, people of flesh, and we are going to blow it from time to time yet He still loves us and is committed to us. Abraham’s tests have one thing in common, God wants to know, “Will you trust me?”

 7/23 Abraham (Part 2): I Surrender All. Hebrews 11: 8-9. Trust, Surrender, Obedience, whatever you call it, it is a critical step on the journey to true spirituality. We can never know God in the fullness of His power and love without taking risks with Him. Are you putting conditions on your obedience? Abraham’s success and confidence was in God’s promises and God’s character. That is the secret to his surrender and his reward. Abraham’s life reveals that surrender is the channel through which God’s biggest and best blessings flow.

7/30 Daniel (Part 1), Standing Firm. Daniel 1:8. Most Christians aren’t experiencing God’s best. Why is that? Well it’s not because God doesn’t want to give it. It’s because we have allowed certain factors to seduce our soul and infect our belief system with lies. These lies have you thinking you’re moving forward on the right path to get the best out of life, but in the end, we’re not. There is another pathway that God offers. That path will seem very hard on the front end. But if you follow it with His help and by His grace, you’ll receive His best. The greatest picture of this is found in the Old Testament in the life a teenage boy. Well, at least he’s a teenager when we first hear about him. His name is Daniel.

8/6 Daniel (Part 2):

8/13  (Burundi Sunday) Counting The Cost.

8/20 Daniel (Part 3):

8/27  Moses (Part 1):

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9/11 Moses (Part 3):

9/18  Joseph (Part 1):

9/25 Joseph (Part 2):

10/1 Joseph (Part 3):

10/8 David & Jonathan (Part 1):

10/15 David & Jonathan (Part 2):

10/22 David & Jonathan (Part 3):

10/29 Reviewing the God Pleasing Life:



11/12 (Veteran’s  Sunday)

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TBD Living with Loneliness. Psalm 102. This Psalm is a paradox: It is a Psalm of desolation but it could also be described as one of consolation.  There is the reality of suffering but also the reality of God’s presence. Somewhere in every Psalm we will find ourselves. This Psalm is no exception. The author of this Psalm is brutally honest. He feels abandoned. He feels as though he’s the only one who has any national pride or heartfelt concern for his homeland. His enemies are unrelenting in their ridicule because of his patriotism. When someone stands for the cause of Christ in the nation, there will be plenty of the devil’s people to attack and persecute. The Psalmist’s worst distress, though, comes from the feeling that God had exalted him and then thrown him down, but in the end he says though my weaknesses and problems have not all been resolved or removed, I have confidence in You, God.

TBD Protecting the Unity in Your Church (Part 1): Ephesians 4:3. Our unity, as his followers, was uppermost on Jesus’ mind during His last agonizing hours. Unity is the heart and soul of fellowship. It is the core of how God intends for us to experience life together in His church. He wants it protected, especially from the devastating damage that is caused by division, conflict, and disharmony. You are commissioned by Jesus to do everything possible to promote harmony in your church family and among all believers. How are we to do this?  Pastor Barry shares the very practical advice found in God’s Word.

TBD Protecting the Unity in Your Church (Part 2): Ephesians 4:3. “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3 NIV) How are we to do this? In this sermon Pastor Barry continues what he started in Part 1; sharing the practical ways God has given in His Word to keep the unity in the Church.