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12/17 Why Christmas? John 18:37. Why did Jesus come to earth? Don’t miss the purpose of Christmas.  It’s not about what’s under the tree.  It’s about the man who hung on the tree. He loves you.  And God wants to adopt you into His family. Many people celebrate Christmas year after year but have never accepted God’s gift to them.  The whole reason Christmas exists is so you can have a relationship with God.

24th The Good Unsettling News of Christmas. Luke 2:25-35. The angel announced good news to the shepherds, (Luke 2:10) but that’s not the whole story.  Our reading of the Nativity often ends with verse 20. In the following verses, however is our first hint that this baby would grow up and shake things up.  This quake is the beginning of a great judgment that will set things right but even those who find salvation in it will be shaken by it. Is our celebration of Christmas still only a story about a baby or the amazing, eternal story about the person into whom the baby grew to be? When you and I, encounter the Christ of Christmas we too shall be shaken.

One Month to Live Sermon Series

My dad lived by the motto, Tomorrow’s going to be a better day. Much of his life was lived for “someday” in the future; for someday when he retired, or had enough money or when things calmed down. There was always a variation to that theme until August 5th, 2017. On that Friday evening, he went to sleep and never woke up.  I wonder how his last days might have been different if he knew he only had a few days to live. I wonder how our perspective and priorities would be different if we knew we only had a few days to live? One thing is certain, we’d probably squeeze all we could from the days that remained. We’d love with abandon. We’d focus on what matters most. In short, we’d stop wasting precious time and live the way God intended for us to live all along. In this series, One Month to Live, Pastor Barry will challenge you to stop waiting for someday and start making each day count. Learn how to make the most of your time here on earth now by living your life with no regrets.


12/31 Living Life to the Fullest: John 10:10b.  As a pastor for 40 years I have had the privilege to minister to many people in the last days of their lives. I’ve noticed some common characteristics. When they knew they only had a few months or weeks to live they had an amazing clarity about how they would spend their time.  They didn’t waste time but made the absolute most of their time left. If you knew you had one month to live, your life would be radically transformed! But why wait? Don’t we want all that life has to offer now? In this sermon, we will discover four universal principles that will transform the question, “What would you do if you had one month to live”, into an amazing lifestyle of meaning and purpose.

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1/7 Live Passionately: Mark 12:30 & Luke 5:18-20. Nothing great ever happens without passion. God wants you to love Him passionately and live life passionately. God created every one of us to be passionate people, but life tends to squeeze the passion right out of you. If you want to recapture your passion in life, do what the friends of the paralytic did in Luke 5.

1/14 Love Completely: 1 Corinthians 1:18 & 1 John 3:16. Establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships can be like climbing a mountain. Christ showed us the power of love when He went to the cross, and then He tells us that we’re to love other people like that.The Bible reveals three strategies for keeping relational mountains small and manageable. Pastor Barry will examine each of them in this sermon. 

1/21 Learn Humbly: 2 Corinthians 12:9.  People who face the end of their lives have a remarkable humility. They must depend on others. They are no longer self-sufficient or proud. Do you ever feel powerless in life? We have God’s power to help us in our lives, but so much of the time we live life in our own strength. In this sermon, Pastor Barry examines the life of Simon Peter who teaches by his own example how to learn humbly.

View More: Leave Boldly: 1 Corinthians 3:12-14.   Everyone desires to live a life that matters, to make a lasting impact on this earth. Every day of your life you’re building a legacy, you get to choose what materials you’ll build with, but if you are going to build an eternal legacy, there are only three materials that will weather the storms of life. If you build your legacy using these materials, when it comes time for you to leave this world, you will be able to leave boldly.

2/4 Living a No-Regrets Life: Mark 12:30. Someone has said, “Your life is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God.”  What are you going to do with your life, with the time you have remaining? Jesus came, not so much to add years to your life, as to add life to your years. Satan comes to steal life from your years. He wants to kill your dreams and destroy your hope. In this sermon Pastor Barry shares how to restore and sustain your passion for life.













16 Guest Speaker, Feed My Sheep



TBD Living with Loneliness. Psalm 102. This Psalm is a paradox: It is a Psalm of desolation but it could also be described as one of consolation.  There is the reality of suffering but also the reality of God’s presence. Somewhere in every Psalm we will find ourselves. This Psalm is no exception. The author of this Psalm is brutally honest. He feels abandoned. He feels as though he’s the only one who has any national pride or heartfelt concern for his homeland. His enemies are unrelenting in their ridicule because of his patriotism. When someone stands for the cause of Christ in the nation, there will be plenty of the devil’s people to attack and persecute. The Psalmist’s worst distress, though, comes from the feeling that God had exalted him and then thrown him down, but in the end he says though my weaknesses and problems have not all been resolved or removed, I have confidence in You, God.

BAPTISM DEAN2_151TBD Protecting the Unity in Your Church (Part 1): Ephesians 4:3. Our unity, as his followers, was uppermost on Jesus’ mind during His last agonizing hours. Unity is the heart and soul of fellowship. It is the core of how God intends for us to experience life together in His church. He wants it protected, especially from the devastating damage that is caused by division, conflict, and disharmony. You are commissioned by Jesus to do everything possible to promote harmony in your church family and among all believers. How are we to do this?  Pastor Barry shares the very practical advice found in God’s Word.

TBD Protecting the Unity in Your Church (Part 2): Ephesians 4:3. “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3 NIV) How are we to do this? In this sermon Pastor Barry continues what he started in Part 1; sharing the practical ways God has given in His Word to keep the unity in the Church.