1200px-Seal_of_the_State_of_Hawaii.svg“We, the people of Hawaii, grateful for Divine Guidance, and mindful of our Hawaiian heritage and uniqueness as an island State, dedicate our efforts to fulfill the philosoplhy decreed by the Hawaii State moto, “Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.” (Preamble to the Hawai’i State Constitution)

As those involved in the framing of our state constitution had expressed their gratitude to the Almighty for our very existence, we likewise seek Divine Guidance to meet the many challenges that are before us. Therefore, we encourage you to pray for the Governor, Mayors, Legislators, appointed government officials and Military Leaders to reaffirm the foundation and spiritual values upon which our state and nation were founded.

Keynote Speakers




Phil is a popular national speaker at community events individually and with Susy.  Phil was a machine gunner who served in Vet Nam with the United States Marine Corps.  He received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from SMU and his Juris Doctor from Emory University School of Law.  He served a sone of the senior partners in a 50-attorney law firm having offices in Atlanta, Washington, Dallas, and SanDeego.  Phil has authored or co-authored nine books including Brave, Strong, and Tender; a book that details how this Viet Nam veteran worked through the aftermath of war to learn the keys to building a vibrant family life and strong profession as a successful attorney.  His wife, Susy, a former attorney, served as legal counsel for Delta Air Lines for ten years and was also its Assistant Corporate Secretary. She resigned her positions in 1985 in order to devote herself full time to Phil and their children.

You are invited to participate in the special time of prayer and fellowship with others in leadership positions from all sectors of our community.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit www.hawaiiprayerbreakfast.org.